What is Structured Water

Structured Water Shower Head

Natural Action Technologies 

Cobalt Blue Shower Head

Provides Dynamically Enhanced, Revitalizing, Vortexes Water... creates "Live" Water.

A new 6 ball flow-form compact shower head. This one is great for travel.

• Neutralizes the Effects of Pollutants: Arsenic, Bacteria, Chloride, Chlorine, Fluoride, etc.
• The most Economical way to Naturally Balance and Structure Water. Nothing to Replace!.
• 90 day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee - Free 20 Year Replacement Warranty.

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"I put the Cobalt Blue Shower Head on the mini shower and now have a shower that equals the Vortex capabilities of the Super Shower Model.  Fantastic!  I can feel the increase in the energetic qualities of the water.  It is softer than ever.  I love it!"  ~ Leslie, Camp Verde, AZ